Thursday, June 25, 2009

いらっしゃいませ 皆さん.

~*~irasshaimase minna-san~*~

Hi Hi ! My name is Nanami Chen,

Hajime mashite. Welcome to my blog that make by my daddy. (my daddy is the best) I was born in asunta hospital 2008 march 28, and my best hobby is EAT ALL I WANT!! hope u guys like what im sharing now!!!! love u muakzzz -THE END-.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 1 year 0ld me....

I'm finally able t0 walk 0n my 0wn little tw0 feet. I l0ve t0 stamp my f00t. :D I g0 t0 classes 0n sunday t0 meet with the 0ther friends.. but I'm the y0ungest pers0n there. I'm still n0t able t0 talk but my scream can wake the wh0le neighb0urh00d.

Let me sh0w y0u my 0ne year 0ld ph0t0s! :D

Friday, February 06, 2009

nana before turning 1

Let's cry together!!!

Aiyer why you also want to be in the picture! :@

=( Dowan fren u!!

Pretty, please bring me out!!!!

Hi, I'm out! Yuhoo~~

Where are all my hair??

Waa I can build pyramid with my tiny fingers!

Eh?? I thought the camera is there??

Please hold me tightly, I'm gonna fall.

I want to poke u poke u!!!
Someone please save me....

Nice shot! I'm a fantastic photographer! :D

Aiyo, why take so many photo wan? =(

Is this one or two???

I love to close my mouth and other people's mouth! Beware!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nana's 3 mth old! Time is fleeting

omg this is my 1st post on nana's blog. this lovely website was created by nana's father banana. LOL~~~ aniway thanks dad for loving nana so much. *kiss*
nana's 3mth old by 28th of June. I hope she felt happy with us after have been to this world.
My dear honey sweetie nanami I love U

by: yurris

new update pic of nana at age of 3mth

my b'day

my b'day

nanami b'day present~~~~~~~

nanami b'day present~~~~~~~

cake cake yum yum~~~~

cake cake yum yum~~~~

she chose her self a card for motherday, we didt ask her too....

she chose her self a card for motherday, we didt ask her too....

my nana not happy...

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16-07-2008 nana's sick :(

16-07-2008 nana's sick :(

daddy put "cool fever" pad on my forehead. Is that a sticker???

daddy put "cool fever" pad on my forehead. Is that a sticker???
UOOUoOoo, what's that?? o_o I feel cold! zinggy zinggy

Although I am sick, mom told me still need to be grace like usual.

Although I am sick, mom told me still need to be grace like usual.
So I show my electric power through my eyes.. ermmm is that all right? mom?


yurris的好友 yaoyao 在台灣專心研究算命,前兩天特別交待yurris 8月1日到15日晚上不可以帶nana出去, 因為開鬼門關了~~,nana 第六感超強。雖然yurris傻傻的不太明白yaoyao講什麻,但是很相信yaoyao,照做就對了。 近來nana晚上睡覺前要吵鬧一陣,不懂是因為天氣熱還是越長大越壞蛋,要人家抱抱搖搖才甘願。胃口嗎還是一樣好,6。55公斤,屁股又白又滑。 健康的肥婆,要感謝主哦·· yaoyao 的寶寶安安最近身體不太舒服,祈禱他快點康複。

Nana's 4 mth old. She's getting naughty.

Nana's 4 mth old. Getting fatter and starting to show naughty. She's abit blur with Oii Oii & Kai Kai. Fall asleep while go out either shopping or go playground. On the spots reach home, her eye open big big. aiks, let's practice her favo song: oii oii? kai kai? Sha Sha Fen Bu Qing Chu~~~~ by Jolin>.<

~*~hajime mashite~*~

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Mama i love u / おかさん あいしてる ね

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PS by Keigo Chen

PS by Keigo Chen

Musume wa !!

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